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JSM 2015: Synthetic Longitudinal Business Databases for International Comparisons @ Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) 2015
Aug 11 @ 14:00 – 15:50
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“Synthetic Longitudinal Business Databases for International Comparisons” — Joerg Drechsler, Institute for Employment Research ; Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University
International comparison studies on economic activity are often hampered by the fact that access to business microdata is very limited on an international level. A recently launched project tries to overcome these limitations by improving access to Business Censuses from multiple countries based on synthetic data. Starting from the synthetic version of the longitudinally edited version of the U.S. Business Register (the Longitudinal Business Database, LBD), the idea is to create similar data products in other countries by applying the synthesis methodology developed for the LBD to generate synthetic replicates that could be distributed without confidentiality concerns. In this paper we present some first results of this project based on German business data collected at the Institute for Employment Research.

JSM Session: Employer List Linking: Methods, Implementation, and Usage of Probabilistic Matches for Enhancing Workforce Statistics @ McCormick Conference Center
Jul 31 @ 14:00 – 15:30
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Lars Vilhuber chairs session at JSM which includes multiple papers with NCRN contribution (presenter bolded, NCRN participants in red italics):

2:05 PM
Robustness of Employer List Linking to Methodological Variation — Mark J. Kutzbach, U.S. Census Bureau ; Graton Gathright, U.S. Census Bureau ; Andrew Green, U.S. Census Bureau/Cornell University ; Kristin McCue, U.S. Census Bureau ; Holly Monti, U.S. Census Bureau ; Ann Rodgers, University of Michigan ; Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University ; Nada Wasi, University of Michigan ; Christopher Wignall, Amazon.com

2:25 PM
Two Perspectives on Commuting and Workplace: A Microdata Comparison of Home-to-Work Flows Across Linked Survey and Administrative Files— Andrew Green, Cornell University/U.S. Census Bureau ; Mark J. Kutzbach, U.S. Census Bureau ; Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University

2:45 PM
Developing Job Linkages for the Health and Retirement Study — Kristin McCue, U.S. Census Bureau ; John M. Abowd, U.S. Census Bureau/Cornell University ; Margaret Levenstein, University of Michigan ; Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan ; Ann Rodgers, University of Michigan ; Nada Wasi, University of Michigan ; Dhiren Patki, University of Michigan